Sage DeRosierWelcome…

Welcome to my therapy and counseling practice!

In my experience, there are two major reasons people seek out a therapist: 1) Difficulty that’s causing unpleasant emotions in one or more relationships and/or 2) Feelings of restlessness and/or a sense of feeling stuck with the way things are and seeking personal growth to effect positive changes. No matter what YOUR reason, bravo for taking a significant step toward making your life better.

Some areas of particular focus and positive experience for me include:


I am trained in and actively practice the process therapy model with a dynamic and creative style of nurturing, allowing, exploring, reflecting, honoring, and celebrating you and your sacred personal growth work.

I help children and their families to better navigate relationship challenges related to transgender issues. I have extensive experience working with at-risk children and adolescents and their families. In addition, I have a background in working with the dying and bereaved individuals by supporting and honoring the grief and loss process.

Experienced in unconditionally loving and therapeutically supporting individuals, couples, children, and families toward their increased personal growth and empowerment as well as creating more peace and happiness in their lives.

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