This term is what has evolved over the years to describe the phenomenon that occurs when a person experiences one or more distressing, frightening, deeply upsetting events that they do not know how to resolve, heal, and release from their neurobiology. The concept of psychological trauma, which can profoundly affect and disrupt mental and emotional health was discovered decades ago as many individuals returned home from the devastating extremes of participating in wartime violence. This kind of trauma does not require a physical injury. Sometimes, witnessing the pain, suffering, torture, desecration, and death of others is enough to inflict psychological disruption to functionality, healthy relationships, and our personal pursuit of happiness.

Trauma can manifest from one incident (witnessing or physically experiencing horrific violence…) or ongoing events (a child regularly neglected and/or abused by their grownups…). Trauma can occur from an intense, significant situation (natural disaster, rape, a traffic accident…) or from “a thousand small cuts” (years of exclusion and bullying, getting regularly ignored and overlooked by peers, teachers, colleagues…).

There are a few types of trauma: acute (resulting from a single incident), chronic (repeated, prolonged violations such as domestic violence, child abuse…), and complex (exposure to a multiple different traumatic events that are often invasive, interpersonal, and persist over a significant period of time, often starting in childhood…).

I am trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) which is a type of bi-lateral brain stimulation therapy that has proven to be extremely effective in significantly reducing and often eliminating the unpleasant symptomatic hijacking that occurs as a result of trauma. I only do ART sessions in person. If you are interested in scheduling an in-office double-session to work through a single traumatic event, contact me to learn more.