therapy transgender boy Sage DeRosierWhile historically there have been few resources available to the transgender community in general, there have been even fewer to support gender non-conforming youth and their families. Teens and children who self-identify as a gender other than the one assigned at birth can face even more challenges than those who have come out about their authentic gender identity as adults. For families and other loved ones of young gender non-conforming people, the process of learning, accepting, and navigating the internal and external obstacles and dilemmas associated with supporting a transgender child can feel confusing, overwhelming, and sometimes painfully frustrating. Witnessing a child’s transition from assigned to authentic gender can also trigger feelings of grief and loss for the loved ones involved.

therapy transgender girl Sage DeRosierI have been trained in assessment techniques and continue to educate myself about transgender issues related to youth. I maintain an up-to-date listing of other resources (education, support groups, medical care providers, and so forth) I can provide to clients as needed. I am committed to putting ongoing efforts into learning as much as I can about the needs and issues specific to gender non-conforming kids and their families.