Fees and Insurance

My Fees

Individuals, Couples, Small Families (up to 4): $250.00/50 minute session

Large Families (5 or more): $285.00/50 minute session

Victim Witness: No Fee

Special Services (consulting with other professionals, preparing letters, reports, special forms or court related documents, etc.): $200.00/hour

Court Appearances: $1000.00/hour

It is my choice to set my fees in the middle range for Licensed Psychotherapists practicing in the South Bay Area. This is my commitment to provide affordable therapy for my clients.

See for an approximate range of fees by therapist disciplines in the vicinity.


Along with many other qualified and experienced mental health professionals, I have elected not to join any health insurance panels. Some of the reasons include wanting to maintain your right to privacy and to remain as free as possible from outside restrictions that may limit or interfere with our work.

If your health insurance carrier allows you to choose an out-of-network provider (generally a PPO or POS plan), I can provide you with a statement of services and payments so that you can seek reimbursement. You may want to check with your carrier to verify coverage for out-of-network providers and for rates of reimbursement.

If you are thinking about using your health insurance to pay for therapy, you might want to read Questions for Your Insurance Company to help you make an informed decision.

Phone Consultation

I offer a ½ hour phone consultation – with no cost to you – to help you assess your situation and determine whether it would make sense for us to meet for an initial session.

Please Contact Me if you would like an initial phone consultation or appointment.