therapy couples Sage DeRosierAn area of particular interest and focus for me tends to be a somewhat uncomfortable area for many people: sexuality and gender. Included under this umbrella topic are:

  • Communication (wants, needs, sexual history, boundaries, and so forth)
  • Sexual development (providing information and resources on what is healthy at different developmental stages)
  • LGBTQ issues (exploring sexual identity, navigating fears and concerns about coming out)
  • Children’s (and parent’s) issues (talking about gender and sexuality, working with sexual abuse)
  • Open and poly relationships (exploring what works for you and your partner/s, relationship ethics)
  • Alternative sexual choices (BDSM, taboos, fetishes, safety, consent, and exploring preconceived notions)

I have a considerable amount of passion toward helping children and their families to more effectively navigate relationship challenges related to child and youth transgender issues. See Transgender Youth and Their Families.